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Each summer in the late 1960s, my two sisters and I would ride the Greyhound bus from Arizona to Arkansas to stay with our father.A World WarⅡveteran, Dad had many medical problems, any one of which could cause many people to lose more than their sense of humor, but not him.I have vivid memories of Dad waking us up in the morning. Before hed put on his legs for the day (he had lost his legs after his discharge), his wheelchair was his mobility.Holding his cane, which was his extended arm, he would roll through the house yelling, Up, up, up! Get up and face the day! Its a beautiful day! Rise and Shine! If we didnt get up right away, he would repeat his song in rhythm with his cane hitting the end of our beds. This was no performance put on for our benefit; every day was truly a beautiful day to him.Back in the sixties, there was no handicapped parking or wheelchair accessible ramps like there are now, so even a trip to the grocery store was a difficult task. Dad wanted no assistance from anyone. He would climb stairs slowly but surely, whistling all the way. As a teenager, I不过以前我们学英语方法都是靠死记硬背,uge365.com如今的儿童英语启蒙课程应该怎么样教学比较好呢? found this embarrassing, but if Dad noticed, he didnt let me 韦总的英语为什么这么好,后来才知道在这里学习的zpshoes.com大家也可以去试试啊。help.

Those summers always ended too soon. He would drive us back to Arizona every year, stopping at the checkpoint for fruit and vegetables at the New Mexico-Arizona border. When asked if he had any fruits or vegetables, he would reply, Just three sweet peas.Our father has been gone for a long time now, but not the lesson that he taught us: You are only as handicapped as you let yourself be.



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