Mount & Blade

Experience the medieval combat & kingdom building sandbox game.


Mount&Blade is an immersive medieval action/tactics game taking place in a fictitious land named Calradia. Enriched with RPG elements, Mount&Blade offers a captivating environment, beautifully detailed with hundreds of castles, towns, and villages to explore.

Master your mounted and on foot combat skills, choosing from a vast arsenal of medieval weaponry including polearms, axes, swords, bows and many more. Serve as a vassal under a powerful king, or raise your own armies and compete for domination of Calradia.

Mount&Blade gives you the ultimate freedom of gameplay. Explore the vast sandbox environment, visiting hundreds of unique locations and characters.

  • Engage in combat against a variety of kingdoms, factions, and rogue warriors - both on foot and horseback.
  • Use one of the most sophisticated and yet intuitive sword-fighting systems ever devised. Fight on foot or on horseback in epic battles.
  • Seek adventure alone, or engage enemies with your army. You and your companions will grow in strength and intelligence as you gain more and more experience and skills, discovering the plains of Calradia.
  • Conquer castles, tax villagers, and expand your domain in your bid for the throne of Calradia. Enlist the help of lords, commoners, and heroes - each with their own unique personality traits and shifting allegiances.
  • Mount&Blade's sophisticated AI adapts to your field tactics, as well as individual assaults: armies try to block up your troops with counter-formations, and individual attacks are met with cunning defenses and skillful counter-offensives.
  • Carry your adventure to the future with the Mount&Blade space mod, exploring alien worlds with light-sabers instead of Mount&Blade's default medsieval Earth setting. Over a hundred other community built mods with new environments and weapons means that Mount&Blade never gets old!


Latest Version

Latest Version

Mount&Blade most recent stable version is 1.011. Please use one of the links below to download it (380 MBytes).

Latest Patch

Latest Patch

If you are already playing version 1.0 or 1.003 of the game, you can download the following patch to upgrade your installation to version 1.011 (11 MBytes):

Other Downloads

Other Downloads


Mount & Blade official manual

Manual (Turkish):

Mount & Blade official Turkish Manual

Spanish Language:

Spanish language patch

Module System:

Mount & Blade module system

*We are offering Mount&Blade through a try before you buy model. You can download the game and start playing right away. What you download is not a demo, it is the full game. There is, however, a level limit at 7. When your character reaches level 7, you can start a new game or, if you decide you like the game well enough, go on and buy a license online. As soon as you buy a license you will obtain a serial key which will remove the level limit. You will not need to download the game again.


Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Memory 512 MB of RAM
Graphics 64 MB
Hard Drive